Direct Access to Azure and AWS

By TekLinks staff on Jan 18, 2018 2:54:13 PM
aws.pngWe're excited to announce the availability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connectivity through TekLinks’ multiple data centers. TekLinks’ clients can now directly access AWS and Azure cloud services over a private, enterprise-grade network connection. With Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect, clients will experience low-latency connectivity, enhanced network security, reliable network performance, and reduced data transfer costs.

azure.pngThese two options will provide connectivity between a customer’s network and an Azure ExpressRoute or AWS Direct Connect location. TekLinks customers can privately access Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect through high-performance, SLA-backed connections via the TekLinks’ five data centers located throughout the Southeast. Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect provide a private, low-latency alternative to connecting over the public internet or backhauling from a corporate data center. The Azure and AWS cloud services platform offers compute power, database storage, and content delivery to enable hybrid-IT solutions.

“Direct access is increasingly important to business leaders who are looking to advance their cloud strategies by incorporating public cloud services into their existing architectures,” said TekLinks President Don Monistere. “We’re excited to combine the Azure and AWS options with TekLinks’ data centers to enable our clients to deploy hybrid cloud architectures and gain higher levels of security and performance.”

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