Snowpocalypse Now 2014: An Engineer's Journey

By Christina Southern on Jan 29, 2014 4:25:29 PM

After a really rough night, and a hazardous day ahead for many, we wanted to share one of our engineer's thoughts as he battled the traffic alongside thousands of Birmingham motorists. Good luck and stay safe to everyone still trying to get home.


Excerpts from my Journal...

Andrew Graham Andrew Graham, Explorer and Engineer

January 28th

16:00 hours... From here I can almost see the summit... Darkness is falling and I must I must press on. The winds have stopped and an eerie calmness has descended on on the slopes. I fear the path may soon become impassible. My Sherpas have now turned back... This may be my final entry.

17:30 hours... The indigenous people have informed me that the mountain pass is now closed. Dejected, I now begin the arduous decent down this treacherous slope back to TekLinks base camp. The mountain has won this time, but I am alive.

What luck!!! Sabor Latino is open... I shall warm myself for a while and sample their fare.



January 29th

14:45 hours... Finally reached the summit... Descended the south slope, picked up my son and arrived safely at home.


(Courtesy of Andrew Graham's Facebook page and digital correspondences.)

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