Tennessee teams not shy about giving 'Mad Props'

By Christina Southern on Sep 21, 2015 3:03:02 PM

 “We rise by lifting others.”

-Robert Ingersoll


There’s rarely a workday that goes by at TekLinks’ newly acquired Claris Networks’ offices during which at least one of our teammates doesn’t email the entire staff a “Mad Props” about a co-worker who has shown leadership, invested in the lives of others, or done what is right no matter the circumstance.

In the month of August, Knoxville Engineer Martin Michaels received the most Mad Props accolades from his co-workers. He was specifically applauded for his "willingness to assist" and "drop what he is doing" in order to help others.

Martin has been a Network Engineer with Claris for two years. He also serves on the Wild Team, which provides activities that help make the environment a place people love to come to work. The team recently hosted a morning omelette bar, and an afternoon of playing volleyball and competing in water races.

Martin will receive a $100 gift card for his selflessness in helping the team and serving our partners.

Way to go, Martin!

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