Webinar: The Breach Your Antivirus Missed

By TekLinks staff on Jun 7, 2018 1:22:56 PM

webinar2presentersEthical hackers routinely find computer systems connected to production networks that have been compromised for months. In most cases, the telltale signs of compromise are present, but the right people weren’t watching or being alerted to the activity.

The Breach Your Antivirus Missed webinar, presented by TekLinks' Cybersecurity Consulting Group on June 26, will use live attack and defense demonstrations to teach you how to detect host-based attacks and find compromised computers that your antivirus is probably missing. We will also highlight certain variables that make a huge difference in your ability to detect these attacks.

  • Watch an attack against live systems
  • Learn about the variables that impact your ability to detect attacks
  • Discover the telltale signs of a compromised system

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Topics: cybersecurity

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