Data Breach: It Could Happen to You

By Christina Southern on Oct 10, 2014 10:22:44 AM

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In previous generations, bored, delinquent teens and young adults may have taken to the streets to deface public property or skateboard in a library parking lot. These days, however, many disenfranchised youth are taking to the information highway to sow seeds of serious chaos among businesses big and small. Hacking has become a part of the zeitgeist, and with it a need for information security like never before. Just last month, millions of account names and passwords were reportedly stolen from secure Gmail servers and leaked onto a Russian bitcoin site. While Google underplayed the attack, stating that most attempts to use the information would never have made it past their protections, the simple fact that such a thing can occur is cause for alarm. Most major corporations have already begun outsourcing their IT security services, in order to add a level of protection. The simple fact is that hackers learn quickly, and defenses must continue to evolve.


It is simply no longer enough to protect your files on site. A bored hacker with enough time can create a virus that will set your company back decades due to lost memos, blueprints, and planning files. Utilizing a technology support company will ensure that your data is not only safe, but can be accessed to restore everything in the event of a catastrophic hacking event. Make sure your critical data is protected by professional IT security services provider today!


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