Learn About Social Engineering at Ala Cyber Now

By Christina Southern on Apr 4, 2018 7:55:00 AM

Ala Cyber now 2018Did you know that social engineering factors into 43 percent of all breaches? Our security experts know, and they want to help you combat this hacking technique.

TekLinks Cybersecurity Consulting team leaders Nick VanGilder and Will Enochs will join Cisco’s Chad Smith in presenting “Social Engineering: True Stories From the Field” at Alabama Cyber Now on April 12 at 2:30 p.m. in Riverchase Ballroom 1.

“We will use real-world examples from past engagements to analyze various social engineering tactics, techniques, and procedures in order to provide valuable insight into how attackers find clever ways to gain authorized access to corporate networks,” says Nick.


Alabama Cyber Now’s program sessions and exhibitor demonstrations address issues critical to supporting cybersecurity at all levels in the increasingly interconnected business world.

In its third year, the event draws hundreds of participants including CISOs, CEOs, business managers, technical experts, and system administrators. Participants will have the opportunity to hear two keynote speakers, watch more than 12 tech presentations, interact with 50 vendors, gain valuable training, and much more.

Topics: social engineering, Security

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